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Makes nail beautifuly and healty


"Bottling nail aroma treatment" can cure dameged nail in 30sec. Just put it on and you will get beautiful glossed nail.You need neither UV light to dry nor chemicals to put it off.



Grossy nail at once 


It dries in 30sec naturally and make nail glassy.


Lead to nail without line


That picture is taken by precision 3D camera. You can see line is disappeared after use it. 


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 It grows day by day 


As the day goes by, liquid get nuturition from raw rosemary.

It enriches fragrance and effect day by day.

Bottling raw

rosemary's leaf and stem


We put raw rosemary into every bottles and natural

herb oil such as rosemary oil, lemon grass oil and lavender oil.

Those brend make rich fragrance and it last on nail.

Recommend it to someone who has damaged nail 


Damaged nail by putting color or gel nail often.

Damaged nail caused by aging.

You can use it as base coating or just protection from lacking nail. 

Protect nail against environment


After it dries on nail, making sheild and protect against drying, chemicals of detergent. 

Coating with 

resin from tree 


The coating ingredients we use is resin from tree.

It is gentle to nail.

That's why you don't need UV light and chemical remover.

*The color of liquid after put on nail is transparent.

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